Useful tech tutorials that I found this month (April/2022)

On May 3rd, 2022 in Tech

I decided to catalog nice tutorials and tools that I found out. This post is the first of the season. I’m not sure if I’ll do it every month, but I’ll try to keep it constant.

How to Auto Refresh Chrome Tabs Without an Extension

It’s a tutorial from Technipages that suggest creative ways to refresh a Chrome tab without a Chrome Extension. It’s quite useful and even have a bookmarklet sollution.

Injecting custom JS in any website

This one isn’t a tutorial, but a tool. It’s a extension for Google Chrome called Custom JavaScript for Websites 2 it has over 40,000 active users and it syncs your customs JS on every Chrome session that you are running.

It’s quite useful to create “micro extensions” for websites that you work everyday. I have to work with an online system at work on a web browser. I’m using the CJS Extension to inject JS to the page and highlight tasks that have been designated to my username. I’m also using it to alert me when the inbox is updated.

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On May 8th, 2021 in Tech

My Gmail account is my main email. I get dozen (if not hundreds) of e-mails everyday. Most of them are already filtered with dozen of rules that I’ve been creating since 2006. But there are a functionality that was missing: alert me whenever an important e-mail arrives.

I tried using filters combined with notifications alerts on Android or IOS, but after struggling for sometime, I gave up.

Years later, on my “automation my life” mission, I decided to search for some Google Scripts that could ease my life. That’s when I found Andreas Hochsteger’s Gmail2GDrive. I gave a try and it worked flawless, nowadays many of my bills are saved automatically on my Google Drive making my life much easier.

Then yesterday I remembered of my long lasting issue of not being able to be notified of my important e-mails. As my studies on Python have increased, also my knowledge and use of Telegram API. So I thought that maybe I could join Gmail2GDrive and Telegram API and personalize a solution, that’s when I adapted Gmail2Gdrive.

I got the project and made it much simpler (not better, simpler in functionalities) and adapted it to work with Telegram. I set the script to run every 5 minutes and voilĂ , now I have my notification system working.

If you want to check it, go to Gmail2Telegram on Github.

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