On May 8th, 2021 in Tech

My Gmail account is my main email. I get dozen (if not hundreds) of e-mails everyday. Most of them are already filtered with dozen of rules that I’ve been creating since 2006. But there are a functionality that was missing: alert me whenever an important e-mail arrives.

I tried using filters combined with notifications alerts on Android or IOS, but after struggling for sometime, I gave up.

Years later, on my “automation my life” mission, I decided to search for some Google Scripts that could ease my life. That’s when I found Andreas Hochsteger’s Gmail2GDrive. I gave a try and it worked flawless, nowadays many of my bills are saved automatically on my Google Drive making my life much easier.

Then yesterday I remembered of my long lasting issue of not being able to be notified of my important e-mails. As my studies on Python have increased, also my knowledge and use of Telegram API. So I thought that maybe I could join Gmail2GDrive and Telegram API and personalize a solution, that’s when I adapted Gmail2Gdrive.

I got the project and made it much simpler (not better, simpler in functionalities) and adapted it to work with Telegram. I set the script to run every 5 minutes and voilà, now I have my notification system working.

If you want to check it, go to Gmail2Telegram on Github.

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The simple suspender

On February 13th, 2021 in Tech

Google blocked The Great Suspender (this link isn’t working anymore) extension from Chrome, with existing users now receiving a message that it has “been disabled because it contains malware.

The Great Suspender was a quite useful extension for keeping my browser running smoothly given the number of opened tabs that I always left open, without actually forcing you to close old tabs.

I decided to create a solution for myself using PHP and Javascript. I named it “the simple suspender”. You can check its source code at

The simple suspender
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