Arduino Nano (Generic – CG340 chip) – Mac OS High Sierra USB Serial Port issue

On March 20th, 2021 in Tech

My laptop is old, I have it since 2011 and it’s fully functional. The only issue is that my Mac OS is quite old also (10.13 High Sierra).

I’ve been playing with Arduino Uno on my laptop for the last months without issue, then I decided to buy an Arduino Nano board from Aliexpress to try this “new” board.

The original Nano uses FTDI’s FT232 chip, whereas clones use the CG340 USB-to-TTL chip. The former works fine straight away Mac OS Sierra, whereas the latter needs a driver.

After searching for a while, I found Adrian Mihalko’s repository at GitHub explaining exactly about this issue. I won’t go further because his repository explain and instruct in a simple and direct way how to solve this issue.

Tags: arduino automations esp8266